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we want to play a key role in making a safer and cleaner environment reducing fatalities on South African roads




By introducing, creating and developing innovative programs Safe & Eco in South Africa

- Integrated consultative approach

- driver progress based on international standards




- We will pursue our business with honesty, integrity and fairness. We do not compromise quality nor do we cut

  corners to achieve performance excellence.

- We measure quality by your satisfaction and success.





- Global Player with international resources

- National black economic empowerment Level 1 rated & compliant.

- Internationally accredited driver training standards by VVCR BV Europe with a special focus on South Africa

- Primary focus on training and development of staff logistics sector.

- Offering diversified business activities

- Passion for South Africa and our people

- CSR – sponsoring a social initiative (Boys and girls  'Goal Hunters' soccer team in Khayelitsha, NSRI,


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Safe & Eco Driving (Pty) Ltd


Welcome to our exciting new website


You've come to know Zulaka Consulting as a premier training
and development agency.


Chances are that your organisation may have benefited from our services before.


We are proud to announce our
new branding makeover from Zulaka Consulting to

Safe and Eco Driving South Africa (Pty) Ltd


Watch this space for updates and our new look coming soon!

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