Safe and Eco Driving

Is it possible to save fuel, reduce costs and put less strain on the environment?


The answer is YES, as a driver you too can save costs. Performing regular maintenance, ensuring vehicle inspections daily, making sure that any concerns are remedied immediately, and driving in a safe and economical style, are all actions that contribute to managing costs.


The Eco part of this driving style is that you as a driver are more aware of how to use your vehicle more economically and in a responsible way. In addition, as a driver with a calm, safe and environmentally-friendly driving style, you also improve the company’s image.


In a nutshell, the benefits of Smart Driving are:

     Lower fuel costs

     Lower maintenance costs

     Less impact on the environment

     Improved road safety

     Safer and more comfortable trip for the driver, with less stress

     Improved image of staff and company


Significant socio-economic and environmental benefits from driver training will result in reductions in:

     Expenses (Fuel and Maintenance);

     Insurance cost;

     Emissions; and

     Incidents/ accidents, etc.


“Eco-driving is more relaxing and less stressful for the driver”



Top 10 Eco Driving tips



A summary of the tips to save fuel consumption:


Tip 1: Know your vehicle and your route.


Tip 2: Start the day fit and eat and drink regularly in order to be able to concentrate when participating in traffic


Tip 3: Always carry out a vehicle inspection and check tyre pressures at least once a month.


Tip 4: Drive in the highest possible gear depending on the mass of your vehicle.


Tip 5: Stay in the green zone of the RPM gauge.


Tip 6: Accelerate smoothly and economically; don’t press the accelerator too much, ¾ is enough.


Tip 7: Drive with a constant speed, give gas regularly and in proportions.


Tip 8: Coast the vehicle instead of applying the brakes.


Tip 9: Assess traffic situation; keep distance; anticipate what other roadusers do and react to their actions.


Tip 10:  Switch off appliances no longer in use. Switch off the engine when stopping for more than a minute.






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