Product Range

Area of specialty includes:


1.  Management Consulting


2.  Material development


3.  Training of  various programmes


4.  International Driver Assessments (Tailored to South Africa)




· More than 40 years of experience and expertise in professional SAFE & EC O training programs.

· Versatile and innovative organisation.

· Unique coaching method.

· International total solutions in SAFE & EC O Driving.


VVCR works worldwide with local training partners, An international network of partners that is still growing. We train our trainers ourselves and they are certified by Cito and DriverMetrics (Cranfield University).










1.  International Driver Assessments (Tailored to South Africa)



These among others include:

  Safe and Eco Driver Training – Theory covered as 4hrs part 1 and 4hrs part 2 – Can be done in 1 day for

   example on a Saturday for the drivers.


1. FDRI (Fleet Driver Risk Index)

2. Risk Assessment

3. DPA (Driver Performance Assessment)

4. Practical on the road Driver Coaching.


This is based on the outcomes of the above assessments.


Through these assessments you will save:


1. Fuel

2. Reduce accidents / incidents

3. Reduce carbon emissions

4. Reduce insurance costs

5. Provide safe drive for the driver, passenger and other road users



2.  An overview of our learning programmes


·   National Certificate in Professional Driving


·   National Certificate in Customer Management


·   Conduct out-come based assessment


·   Fatigue Management


·   Conduct moderation of outcome based assessment


·   Train the trainer


·   Project management


·   HIV / Aids programme


·   Leadership programmes  Executive, Middle and Junior


·   Mentor and Coaching programme


·   Diversity Workshops


·   Emotional Intelligence in personal development


·   Team Building


·   ABET


·   New Venture Creation


.   Non-Motorised Transport



3. Management Consulting


We capacitate various individuals as  well as companies to become  accredited service providers. We also  do a complete needs analysis of all training requirements and align them with the companies strategic objectives .We also assist with recruitments to build infrastructures within companies.



4.  Development of  training material


We develop and align all your  training material to SAQA standards.


We also customize all your training material to be company specific.


We ensure the training material is accepted by the relevant SETA.









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