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Coaching can be defined as:


“A learner-centred method that engages body, mind and emotions to develop inner and outer awareness and responsibility with an equal relationship between the learner and coach”

(Bartl, et al, 2010, p.6).


Safe & Eco on-road coaching is aimed at drivers who are frequently on the road for work-related purposes and or even personal reasons.


During the coaching session designed to address work-related risk, drivers will receive feedback about their driving behaviour according to risk and fuel consumption, which will help them gain insight about their strengths and weaknesses as drivers. Based on the feedback he receives, each driver will then set out a personal development plan on how he can improve his safety and fuel consumption in the future.


In order to prepare for the on-road coaching session, a coach needs to gain insight into the driver’s behavioural and attitudinal attributes. To that end, prior to the coaching session participating drivers complete three online assessments developed by DriverMetrics and Cito. These assessments measure behavioural and situational risk factors related to driving, perceptions of driving competence and perceptions of eco-driving.


The results of these online assessments are used during a pre-drive meeting with the driver, in which the coach helps the driver to consider how his personality, values and opinions might impact on the way he chooses to drive, and his motivations for driving.



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